Private Jiu Jitsu Lessons in Louisville, KY

Starting a new sport can be intimidating. Even more-so when you're learning a close quarters sport like jiu jitsu.

Remember those first days of school, when you didn't know where classes were? Sometimes it was hard to to even find the right building.
It can be intimidating to walk into a gym of mostly trained people, and have no idea where to start, or how things even work.

But truth be told, you wouldn't want to start training jiu jitsu with an entire class of newbies, either.
You might want to begin training with your own partner, or even your family, without getting mixed up with a full class of unfamiliar people.

Or maybe you have some strength issues, a disability, or some other reason why you might need to train at a slower, more gentle pace than a large group jiu jitsu class.

Even if you're ready to go full speed with the best, you might know there are many advantages of private lessons, no matter where your starting point is.

You'll learn at a faster pace because you're getting personalized instruction. If you're experienced, you can work specifically on your weak points, or learn how to better use your strengths. If you're new, you'll know you're working with an expert who knows how to safely bring you along at the speed that suits you best.

Is Private Jiu Jitsu Worthwhile?

Usually yes. It will depend on your goals, and quality of instruction. Being "private" won't help much if you're learning jiu jitsu from your white belt plumber. Just the same, you probably don't want to request private lessons from a gym that doesn't already have experience with individualized training. It's a skillset you won't find at every school, and some instructors are way better than others.

The disadvantage of private lessons can be cost. You're pretty much reserving an entire class and gym for yourself. Naturally, it will be more expensive than a group setting where you and unfamiliar people learn on each other. Many students find reaching their goals and increasing their skill faster is well worth the additional cost.

Starting privately can also be more comfortable for new students or families, who aren't even sure how much they'll like jiu jitsu. You learn gym etiquette in a more relaxed environment, and level up your skills faster, without doing it in front of a whole class. Many students will start with private lessons and then transition to group classes after they're more comfortable with body mechanics and jiu jitsu basics.

Our introduction classes are held privately, so that's the best time to discuss your goals and find out how private lessons might help you achieve those goals, faster, smarter, and safer.

Find out when introduction lessons are held to learn more.

Verified Reviews From Students

5 Star Jiu Jitsu Reviews

"Apart from top-notch instruction, I really appreciate the aesthetic of Criterion BJJ - a safe, spacious, clean and fun environment, and frankly a beautiful space to train in."

5 Star Jiu Jitsu Reviews

"In all my experience, I had never before trained with such a natural teacher or in a more comfortable location as I have enjoyed with Professor Setree and the Grapple Chapel.”

5 Star Jiu Jitsu Reviews

"Criterion Jiu-Jitsu is not your typical strip mall BJJ. As soon as you step inside the school which is located in a former church, you will experience a truly unique learning environment" - Source

5 Star Jiu Jitsu Reviews

"I practiced under Rob for many years. If you’re interested in developing self-defense skills, jiu jitsu mastery, or simply a fun practical hobby for health and fitness, I highly recommend Criterion BJJ!" - Source

5 Star Jiu Jitsu Reviews

"Criterion is an excellent gym to learn. I had no experience with BJJ before coming to Criterion and my experience has been great. All the people that come to the gym are welcoming and safe" - Source

5 Star Jiu Jitsu Reviews

"From my experience, Rob is a unique instructor. He has a vast knowledge of the art that he is willing to share the entirety of. He is willing to take the time to help his students get to their goals" - Source